Suburban Legends

Do It for the Kids

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Sometimes it not enough
You start that crying then you empty that stuff
We try, we try, to make you happy it's true
Yes, you are crazy and we know that it's true

To the point that we don't know what to do
We nod and listen, smiling and grinning for you
You see, all the kids and horns like to dance
Good times aren't so special when ya,

Frown on the past
We are your mom and papa's nightmare
We dance for you to wash away your cares
Crackin' smiles even when we're sad

That's just the way goes
In a ska band
Kick the beat so you can grind on the floor
Something stinky, smells a stanky, oh no!

You best step back this ain't no joke
It's me
Breakin' hearts when we don't know
Which way a hearts suppose to go

We see your frown; I bet you smell that now
It's me
You don't care

To come to me with tears
To say that it's not fair
To live
Only for your happiness

I would have never thought
Kindness would lead to this
We live
In a dirty world

Times are changing
People pushing
You and me
Have got a lot to learn

And it's all for you
Lets go out, run out this time
Do it for the kids, we'll do it right

Writer/s: Suburban Legends

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