Fernando Lui


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I want to see my baby
then, close my eyes and you come to me

Every day is so sad
I walk all the day by your street ,where are you?

I want you everytime
and I can´t control this wish, this wish

the windows are amazing
I keep waiting for the sun
so tell me baby
why don´t you wait for me?

Can you be my baby, and say
what do you know about me, about me

You're so far, baby
But I feel you're so near, so real

I can´t keep dreaming
that's why I sing for you every day

The windows are amazing
I'm trying wait the sun
So tell me baby
Why don't you wait for me?

Sometimes I pray for us
Sometimes I die for you
Sometimes I forget about me

Writer/s: Denise Rodrigues / Fernando Lui

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