Lucky Boys Confusion

Dumb Pop Song

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I'm gonna steal your girlfriend

I went to my boys house I met his sister

I knew right then I had to get with her

She had a boyfriend he wasn't worthy

His friends all say he's a wannabe junkie

I know that this might be wrong but?

I'm gonna steal your girlfriend

I know I will steal your girlfriend

I don't really know her; her boyfriend's richer

But I find her smile so irresistible

She's a little younger, but I like that

Her brother thinks that I got a chance

We call her the gank queen

And I can deal with her mood swings

She thinks animal are vibrating

It's just a stupid piece of technology

I know this'll be a big challenge but

I'm gonna steal your girlfriend

I'm gonna steal your bitch

Writer/s: Adam Krier / Kaustubh Pandav

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