Jamestown Story

Don't Say Goodbye

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I've been hoping for some movement from your lips but they're too chapped for the words
To come out, you know the outcome so don't stall me now.
You've been holding all the cards when I'm all in, my luck has turned into painful dismay
But I can't walk away cause I need you, yeah I need you.

Don't say goodbye, don't say you tried
Don't say that you have to walk away, please don't talk this way
Don't say goodbye

I know everyone has had their emotions ripped in half but what I'd like to know is how I should
Live with your actions, with your absence
Is there something I can do to remove the memories of you? Yeah, I want to believe
This will all go away but I can't now, no I can't now

God this hurts too much to breathe when you're not here next to me
I can't breathe, I can't breathe without you

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