Lil' Wyte

Doubt Me Now

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[dj paul juicy j talking]
Motherfucker it's on nigga hypnotize motherfucking minds got damn it
Once again lil' wyte it's going down lil' wyte doubt me now
The new album, yea for all you haters and you motherfuckin' wannabes
Hypnotize minds niggas here so motherfucking homework for you bitches
Study the motherfucking albums hoes that's all you do
You wanna be me motherfuckers
Fuck these bitches we run this shit!

Yeah, lil' wyte putting it down for that hcp
Hypnotize minds straight from memphis motherfucking tennessee
Out the bay area
Putting down for all my dawgs, stay down
For all the haters fuck y'all
Every each and one of y'all motherfuckers can doubt me now motherfucker
Cuz i got hardest track in the motherfuckin industry
It's going down maine
Know what i'm saying

[lil' wyte]
This is my time so listen up i'm finna bump
I'll give you something i know you been waiting on
With hcp all on the track, airborne attack, strike from the back
Take off yo slack hoe
This for the ones all in the fields searching fo' real
Music to fill i got the antidope
Quote the words i write bout to unite
And light up the room brighter than the sun through a telescope
Beats out the frame i'm still the same
Thoughts were erased from the shit
That i dropped from my underground tapes
Coming with the raw i ain't tryin to fall
Even though i'm small
I give it to ya at 300p's at eight feet tall
Light up the blunt pass it to me
No stems or weeds
I'll take your blunt and smoke it in your face
Dro is around i will be found
Picking on the pound
Taking a sample just to let you know how it taste
White in my blood never touched a drug
Don't expect a hunter
Don't thank lil' wyte don't be getting fucked up
Xtc pills ooh make you feel
Like man of steel
Make me get up with my boots you be fucked up
Creep on the cut hit the strip in the bay
Holla at my dogs too many names for me to say
Cuz if i could i would but see can't and i ain't
Don't take it personal get with me later all blanks thank
And this the first song couldn't went wrong
Picking it off the shelf to make a part of your collection at home
I'll write my shit, i'll drop my shit, on your dick and shit
Have you having criped all up in yo backbone
Begging my legacy giving the best of me
Life has been stressing me time to impress the streets
Not enough time, not enough money could come close
Nigga like wyte is doing this for them haters to see

I done hook up with the camp
You can doubt me now
I'm about to cruise the map
You can doubt me now
For all them chatter and teeth
Bitch doubt me now
Haters even in the streets
Hoe dobt me now
I'm gone be rolling in some dough
But you can doubt me now
You said there will be no hoping
You can doubt me now
I told ya that i was gonna make it
You can doubt me now
The heart part you with a face
You can doubt me now

Un huh .... yea