Dream flight

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Dream flight tonight - we´re on a dream flight - dream flight tonight

You an me first time together
Standing on the edge of what seems
Seems to be a love that´s forever
A love that is never ending dream.
Everytime you say goodbye
You leave your fingerprints in my heart
What's the crime why should we fight it
When we were meant to never be apart

Let's take a

Dream flight tonight
Escape reality - yeah, e, e
We'll travel
Faster than light
And find eternity - yeah, e, e

Always thought that the fate of the fire
Was the burn in flames and then die
How I fought against the desire
To run to when you kissed her goodnight.
Someone cries when three hearts are beating
To the beat of love made for two
Don't deny you feel what I'm feeling
So take this chance to see if your love is true.

Let's take a x4

Dream flight....

Don't you wish that there would be
Another star not that far
A special place for you and me
Where love survices thrue all eternity.

Dream flight.... x3