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Brand new, yeah brand new
Yeah, started off like - I don't know, I don't know
Just wanna put down my newfound flow
Know they like it how I put it down though
When I look around all I see is clowns
Wanna give me pounds though
Tryin to take the sound though, wannabe down though
Only way you would be down bro
Is be six feet underground yo
Look around, out of town, six deep
Out of bounds, it's heat
King that's without a crown could be, would he
Play the field, yup he, made a mill', pay the bills
All night, yeah I live the superstar life
Without a major deal alright
All ice around the collarbone
Holla on the phone at her home
From the bed to the flo'
Her fetish is to put her face below
Below where my belt buckle goes
She scream mo' cream mo' knees buckle emo
A-huh, I can't believe yo
Feel like I'm in a dream yo
When the, when the beat go