Dreams (Notorious B.I.G. feat. Biggie Sound)

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[Notorious B.I.G.]
As I sit back relax
Steam a blunt, sip a Becks
Think about the sexy singers that I wanna sex
I'd probably go to jail
For fuckin' Patti Labelle
Ooh! Regina Belle, she'd probably do me swell
Jasmine Guy was fly
Mariah Carey's kinda scary
Wait a minute, what about my honey Mary?
The jeans they fittin' like a glove
I had a crush on you since Real Love
Hold your horses
I'mma show ya who the boss of intercourse is
Sex, I'm takin' no losses
Even groups like SWV and TLC
Can't see B.I.G. wit telepathy
The recipe of picture hardcore wit a gun
Pimpin' aint easy but it Sure is fun
When I bust my nuts, I bust 'em one by one
So what's the 4-1-1 (hun)?

[Notorious B.I.G.]
Dreams of fuckin' an R

Writer/s: The Notorious B.I.G

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