Aimee Mann

Driving With One Hand on the Wheel

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You asked me to dinner
You brought me stuff
Now what do I make of that
You made me an offer
I called your bluff
Now you're an amnesiac

Driving with one hand on the wheel
Ordering luck with every meal
Feeding on hope again never mind how
Small a portion

I said like we do
Like we'd like to think
I'll take care of myself
And who would've thought that
Initial drink
Would clear an entire shelf


You should look at it realistically
I know you couldn't be in love with me

You sat there as dumb
As a dog or cat
Just hoping it's for the best
As if anything ever
Comes from that
Except an appalling mess


Now you didn't bank
On the alchemy
That flattery turns to love
But you took that obstructions ('Cause with top-heavy structures)
Will always be (There'll always be)
The danger of falling off (The danger of falling off)
Driving with one hand on the wheel
Not knowing how or what to feel
You only knew that it was enough to be
Feeling something

Writer/s: Aimee Mann