Dr. Jazz

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Give me iko
I want to ball the wall here
Shuffle in Dumaine
Hear the hookacumbi

Meet my tipatina
Love her hold her tightly
Want to see her swaying
In New Orleans nightly

You know I want to be there
Drinking in the morning
Holler in the evening
Dr. Jazz Dr. Jazz

Bake my jelly roll
You quicken my pulse
You make my rhythm slow
Crawfish gumbo

Rhythm from the jungle
Big chief rocking
I follow the voodoo king

That's what the fez he sing

How long must it be
How long must I wait
Till Highway 49 takes me to your gate
I eat a bowl of gumbo

That Creole child will serve
Sit on the verandah
Happy in a Dixie world

Maybe on Sunday
Head for Baton Rouge
Dancing with the Cajun
Twist away my blues

Then a drop of rain
A trickle in my eye
I look up and smile
At the rhythm that never, never dies

Writer/s: Jools Holland