Zero Degrees Freedom


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Born of an abyssal mind
Left to gather in kind
..of deranged, selfish need

Born, of an abyssal pain
Left to gather in vain
Of commercial ideals
Towards soul-suicide.

An emotionless void
An emotionless mind
In pursuit of dark light
Drowned by life

Drowned by obsessiveness
Drowned by your emptiness
Built-up perceptions of need
Purposeless greed

Burnt in its aftermath
Burnt in its afterglow
Stained by this artifice
Owned, by that you would own

Covet that you would possess
To have and caress

Numb....and more everyday your soul away it fade away.

Ignorant. subserviant

Die without knowing youve,
Died, numb, dead and meaningless
Dead, but youre dying yet

Open your eyes, youve already died
To dead inside to see that life has passed you by

(by) the time you read this
It will be too late for me
To save myself and i
Cant feel anymore
Because its gone.

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