Jamie T

Dry Off Your Cheeks

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My old heart it's been 13 hours too much of you my friend my dear and now I cower
Looking at you looking at you oh shit shit I'll go cook myself a brew

Love it oh sometimes at least I fall
Put it up to much to call home sometimes
Well I dance the two step look at you swing
Not sure what I mean don't know what I sing
I just dance on the harpsichord string
Move it down when your coming up
Lose it down when your tip toe dancing
Enhancing all the pressure prancing
All around this place every night and
Day when we were in the rat race
Shouting back to the oldest people
Chat at the tenor in the cold top steeples
Like no screaming
My dear they will dry off ya cheeks
And never been down the factor to much of
That can bring you right down to tragedy more oh me
Losing myself in this race
You see me see me see me see me seeing me
See me see me me me
What's in my liberty
In a hectic test a no one protestin you when imp so damn scared
Live for the life and the love I need an the lead in the life cos I never
Play fare


I got my own way home I got my own keys
So why you looking at me like your a lady
I got my own kinda groovy
Smoking too much and drinkin
You bring yourself down in pain
For the love of the living and the live cut free
She all on the floor while I drink whiskey
And look to the corner think about me all about me
Never go self cos your walk with a pelvis white boy Elvis dance around
This floor much quicker than you
Look at this look at the boys dancin think there impressin but they ain't
Do shit I'm on groove from the grooving loosing as I use ya as
I go moving crying the tears not for myself and not for you honey have no
And now I break to the floor when the old piano comes crashing
Sometimes I'm not sure what I'm gonna do but I aint here for more
Take my last match with desperate passions and a few up facts

Chorus x2

Love it oh sometimes at least I fall
Put it up to much to call home

Writer/s: Jamie T.