Jeff Scott Soto

Dulce Lady

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With every touch, I get a little bit stronger
With every squeeze, I go a little bit longer
Well, I got the push with a brand new shove, yea
Make some room while I put on my velvet glove
Well I draw the line wit'cha brand new games, yea
Cuz I know how I want it &I want it the same, yea
U got me gettin' higher with the same old groove, ha
Come on, take my hand, let's make the mighty move
Cuz I know, yes I know, all the little things that make u crazy
Love's 1st bite
Come on, let's commit into the ultimate pleasure
I dig 4 gold until I find your treasure
Well I testify your every wish, yea
Now I'll touch the sky, gonna take u higher


Cuz I know, yes I know, all the little things that drive u crazy
I got time, precious time, & a need 2 taste my dulce lady,
give it 2 me
I'm gonna take it, I wont fake it,
instead I'll play 2 take u higher
I got time, sweet sweet time, & the need 2 taste
my dulce lady

Writer/s: Howie Simon / Jeff Scott Soto

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