Big Bill Broonzy

Eagle Riding Papa

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Listen everybody : from near and far
You want to know : just who we are

Now if you like : the way we play
Listen boy : we'll try to stay

We'll make you loose : we'll make you tight
Make you shake it : till broad daylight

I would never do brag : never do boast
Played this tune : from coast to coast

Now if you like this tune : think it's fine
Set right down : and drop a line

Sometime : we're down your way
We'll drop in : and spend the day

Now some want to know : just what you got
Got good okra man : serve it hot

Now we ain't good‑looking : and we don't dress fine
The way we whip it : it's a hanging crime

If you see me stealing : don't tell on me
Just stealing : back to my used‑to‑be

We never have one gal : at a time
Always have : seven eight or nine

Writer/s: Georgia Tom Dorsey

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