Bella Morte


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And another storm comes crashing
Through the air so filled with ashes
And the doors are splintered remnants
Of a time that soon will fall
Here I lie amongst the ruins
Watching now a lifetime buried
Who will care that footsteps fell here?
Who will haunt the emptied halls?

Never cast your eyes away
Peer into the sky and follow
Never cast your eyes away
Whisper to the sky one final prayer

And another stone comes crashing
To the floor of scattered glass
As a blade shines red with anger
Through the sinking hope tonight
With a flag held close against me
Her glory rests its weary head
Soft upon my tired shoulder
Dreaming lore of brighter days

Hold close to me and find your sleep
Time it moved so slowly
As if there were no end
Hold close to me in final sleep
Time will move so slowly
As if there were no end
Your name will echo still

Writer/s: Bella Morte