Samsas Traum

Elite - Vorspiel auf dem Theater

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Sleep unaware of loves' subconcious call
Scratching the darkness!
Your things and lips wide opened, wet,
As your soul steams out your womb,
Enlightened with sparkes!

Blow out the stars and extinguish the sun!
For a better place than paradise for us might be won!
Far beyond Edens light we will shine!
For that this vision is always mine!

Into the dark pleasures we fly,
Our wings will not be burned!
Sleep my friend, vanish from this world,
For that it's not real!
The earth received your blood
From our hands!
The beauty of mans' daughters -
Taken by the sons of...

Passion - Your name is like a razor
Cutting deeper everytime I call it
Into my bloodsperm...
Fire is the key to all we seek:

Beloved lady, hear my yearning,
Die close my dark pregnant embrace!
Dripping fertility for my race!
For every teardrop thou shalt be burning!
Each night I dream of you again:
I touch thy blossom,
Smell thy beauty -
Desire rapes your (my) rosebuds' - rain!

The beauty of mans' daughters -
Taken by the sons of...

Yeah, burn!
You'll fucking burn!
Burn, you bastards' whore!
Beloved lady, hear my yearning!

Wir sind es, die herrschen,
Machen den Tag zur Nacht der Menschen,
Mit dem Willen aus der Tiefe
Und der Kraft unseres Verstandes!
Nur wir, die unsterblich Schönen,
Die ungesehen Euch zerstören,
Allein durch Sinneslust und Habgier
Kniet die Welt in unsrer Hand!
Und so erblühen wir in Jugend
Und ersticken Euch im Keim:
Ganz egal, was Euer Traum war,
Wird nun endlich unser sein!
Kniet nieder nun, betet uns an,
Bitte windet Euch in Schmerzen:
Für immer seid verleugnet!
Wir schneiden Euch aus unsren Herzen!

Everlasting ecstasy - This orgasm drowns endlessly
Your lifeless minds in an ocean of our seeds!
We'll scare the livin' daylights out of you,
Come on, my sweetheart, won't you, too,
Bei the whore of my dreams
And sink down on your knees
To fulfill my passionate needs!
I lick thy shame!

And in this night, we'll rise again:
Die close my dark pregnant embrace!
Dripping fertility for your race!
I call thy name!

The beauty of mans daughters taken by the sons of the...

Writer/s: Alexander Kaschte

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