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Emily worked at the diamond store,
she wanted all the rings that she couldn't afford,
one long day,
a tall man came,
asked her to marry him,
and he bought her a ring.
He whisked her off to the seven seas,
wined and dined her 'til she cold barely see,
one long night the tall man came home,
to find Emily in bed with the hotel boy.
Emily, what have you done,
it's all come undone,
tell me who lost and who won?
Caught in bed with another man's girl,
not just screwing, they were kissing as they moaned.
One long knife, the tall man drew,
and he stuck the hotel boy cold right through,
Cops came along, Emily wept,
as they took away all of her fancy things,
one long lie the tall man heard,
so he took back the ring, before they took him to jail

Writer/s: Kelly Jones

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