Airged L'amh

End Domain

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The eye of the myth has opened wide like a path of terror straight to the tower
Vengeance now is all I seek in the circle of this strange machine
Fires rising from below as I gaze in wonder the evil throne of Balor of the evil eye
Signaled to the Druids and to his wife

March on to battle for it's time to fight spears of lightning aiming high
Blazing comets through the sky wizard fear my great war cry
I shall end your time

With a stroke I take the bastards head evil eye is sealed in death
Loch na Suil a lake of icy streams the remains of end domain

Wasted in this holy war and so many brave have fallen into
Shadow-valley of the dead , hope remains alive instead
Voices linger in the air and a mist of blood has taken over
Ghostly figures in pain for the prophecy came true that day