Magne Furuholmen

Envelop Me

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Envelop me
Darling bring me in
I am too centered on myself
You are in everything
Envelop me
sweetheart bring me home
You live like time is precious
I spend too much alone
Envelop me
Honey set me free
Your weakness is a gift
My strength my enemy
Envelop me
Honey make me safe
Just meet me anywhere
Take me any place

Every word
Is a book unwritten
Every sound
Is a song unsung
Every moment
Is a picture taken
Then it's gone
Then it's gone

Envelop me
Darling would you please
The days are growing shorter
And with it comes unease
Envelop me
Sweetheart make me whole
You think i'm innocent
I wouldn't really know
Envelop me
Honey please don't wait
We'll go away somewhere
We'll start some other place
Envelop me
Honey don't let go
Just give me one more chance
Give me one more goal

Every word is book unwritten
Every sound is a song unsung
Every moment is a picture taken
Then it's gone
Then it's gone
Then it's gone

Writer/s: Magne Furuholmen

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