Epilogue-The Tale Of The Psychotic

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An in fallible prodigy standing in veneratioan a psychotic suprem
As minion righteousness
Wander the grand damnation long awaited pearly gates carry the
Burden of sinful covet glorify
The servant of deception experiencing the power of testosterone
As nuanced throgh obituary of
The damned ravenous for salvation betaryad by desire
Wanting to feel the scape form freedome
End postponed despaire is synthesized becoming death,as eyes are
Closed destoyer of the
Constellations fragrant stesh from wounds of lust euphonic
Screams of benediction prosper
The egoistic a chorus of redemtion a tracebla act of insanity
Staring in eyes of panic
Smellint the odour of consternation indifrence having the
Upper hand nourishing the
Pandemonium the psychotic escale death tale of the psych

Writer/s: Kenneth Abrahamsen / Kjetil Steien / Roy Smelien / Runar Bratsberg / Stian Eik Flatlandsmo / Terje S