Rx Bandits


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This is how the story goes,
I've got something that I stole
a manuscript, a document
a failure & an argument
kiss to sleep right through the night
promise me & i wont fight,
in an innocent way i shuttered sick
scratched to solve the un-relievable itch

They say the holy wars
were all started by hired crooks
if you believe in your heart, now it's time to let go
Forget tomorrow's sermon
or let the moment pass you by
It's too late

Numbers keep climbing gotta keep up the pace
uproot the lines as they grow on your face
career is over time to take of your clothes
feel the drip as it numbs all you know
it's only skin, oh it's only skin
and you can't stop the reasper
from the sythe that she's swinging
a cut, a shot, the heat of her thighs,
eyes that are crazy cause you can't find a friend

I said the time is now & we got all
the time is now we got it, got it all, we got it.

At the end of the world we'll all have a big party
from sea to sea & into the desert sands
we'll feel comfortable naked, won't need our
to asy we're happy and admit we're all scared
of growing old

Nos is the time, the time is now, it's not too late
we're running...

Writer/s: Ricardo Issa

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