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Welcome the Whole New Pain and Take Comfort in All You've Become.
I Waved As I Passed Myself Along the Way.
I Have Arrived So Unashamed, But My Reflection no Longer Looks the Same.
It Seems Much Dimmer Now.....it Seems So Dim.
Just Stumble and Fall Into a World That's Overcrowded.
And You Will Find Me.
Won't Recognize Me; I Won't Recognize Myself.
I Have Arrived So Unashamed, But All My Senses no Longer Seem the Same.
I Can Sense Everything.
My Sight's So Clear.
In An Instant, My Life Just Slipped Away.
I Fought For Life the Whole Time You Were Holding Me Down.
You Watched Me Dying.
Holding Me Down, You Brought My Rebirth.