Jr Writer


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this aint a fair match, you cant compare crack
to all that whack in my ears that shit is earwax
i air cats, u headin rite into a beartrap
find me, even nike now i wil air max
leave em squared flat, aint nothin hot about it
niggas 30 years old, still aint drop an album
wildin, in the pave, im to bright to shade
im hot, this aint wavy, its microwave

so behave cuz today i aint playin games
and i dnt play the name game, and niggas say my name
it way effrained time to bring the major pain
a nigga couldnt hang wit me if he was david blain
unless he plain insane, nigga stay the fuck around
iwill a-town you, turb you upside down
my niggas born to win, you niggas takin sin
who gives a fuck i give it up like an audience