Sawyer Brown

Eyes of Love

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The Rockafellers we know we ain't
And this old house needs a coat of paint
Got a Chevy Impala vintage '73
Some days she can't outrun you or me
Well I know it ain't everything I promised you
But you tell me it's a matter of a point of view

Through the eyes of love
We see things in a different light
Through the eyes of love
It looks like things are gonna be alright

We've got a simple life
We don't go to extremes
But we're livin' on love way above our means
Maybe some day our ship'll come in
Baby till then it's sink or swim
It's those little things that you do and say
Got a good ole boy in a real good way

[Chorus x2]

Writer/s: Duncan Cameron / Gregg Hubbard / Mark Miller

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