King Lil G

Eternal West Coast

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Like we always do about this time..
In the city where we live by the code
Smoke weed, gun smoke
I got em stuck off the realness
The king murderous
The city where you get caught slippin'
Homie you learn to bust
I get harassed by the gang unit
Observing us

They got a gang in every state now
What did you learned from us?
California don't need a motive
To run up on em
My .44 got me fully focused
I'm smoking doja
I'm holding on remaining strong
For the love of my culture
You and your phonie homies
Know when its best to approach us
Costa Nostra, don't speak about it

How you supposed to
I can't wait till my older homies get out of folsom
Intellectual gangstas
I learned the most from
Sell the most drugs
Atlanta & Minnesota
I feel like my last breath
Is getting closer
As I seen the candles lit
At the store by the corner
You keep hating on me dog
But your girl supports us
Autograph titties
That's how I'm gonna promote us

For my real ones stuck in the ghetto
Oooh na na na
In the west coast
Only in the west coast
In the west coast, in the west coast
I recommend with your enemies
Never reconcile
I taught you better
You haven't been ready in a while
Full of bullet holes
You're suppose to know the deal
If I could rule the world

Id do some songs with lauryn hill
And talk about the realest shit
On how the fuck I feel
On how you down to sell your soul
For a couple mill
Ceramic rap
I'm about to name it
The traffic rap
They caught tommy on the road
We gotta bring em back

Fuck it we lost this
Somebody gotta call the bosses
Its hard to trust
Even though I been knowing you the longest
Do it like italians do in the old boston
I put biggie smalls tape
In my old walkmen
I'll tell you to your face
With no metaphor

Fucking with the king
My soldiers ready to go to war
Don't comprehend what I'm saying
Go get rosetta stone
47 mob homie
We the next to blow
For my real ones stuck in the ghetto
Oooh na na na
In the west coast
Only in the west coast
Oooh na na na na na na nanana na naaah
In the west coast, in the west coast

Sucio, on the west coast
King lil g, yeeah
Kyrpto, my muthafucken soldier from day 1
Let these muthafuckas know homie
My muthafucken visions, to take this shit over
Worldwide, going accross the country
With my whole muthafucken squad
Putting my homies on, haha
AK47 south gate's in the muthafucken house
2tone's in the muthafucken house
EMC representing south central, L.A
Where the muthafucken bullets fly and muthafuckas die
For no muthafucken reason, haha
Drummer boy what up

Writer/s: ,Chikk