Lords Of Acid

Feel So Alive

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Let me be the one to love you baby
Cause I know just what you need
And there's no way, no way I'm gonna let you go now
Come on and hold me in your arms, baby
I know what you need, and I need you
Give me what I'm asking for
I love the things you do
Oh, I feel so alive (x2)
Slide on down beside me baby
I wanna feel your ecstasy, oh
And noone or nothing can ever tear us apart
Cause right now I wanna feel your love in me
Put your hands on me, and don't let go
I'll do anything no one did before
Oh, I feel so alive, with ya baby, with ya baby
Oh, I feel so alive, oh,
Oh, I feel so alive, oh,
Oh, I feel so alive, alive, alive, oh

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