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Reproduce perfect progeny, advanced - socially - mentally
Emphasis on controlled re-growth, meticulous - convergent evolution.
Transgressive meddling

Are they the new race?
Projects that redefine mankind
Foolish ventures, substantiate a lie.

Candidates for our legacy.
Modified genetics, retooling, testing the unknown
Theoretical not proven, participates of average mentality - physicality.

Transformed on a cellular level that defies creation.
Indemnify these vessels of greatness.
Maintaining a strict blueprint for the enlightened.
Relegated subjects suffer in anonymity.

Fortified in this tomb surrounded by strangers
No conception of day or night, depressive thoughts
Apprehensive, restless, drained of strength
Guilt ridden for leaving loved ones behind

Fearful and broken, experience debilitates
Agony of unknowing. Is nothing left?

Already divided, taking sides in defiance
Suggesting violence siphoning of wills
Intellectuals attempt a peaceful resolution

The seeds have been planted.

Extroversion is the only way
Subduing the anger, allowing the trust, coexistence instead of death