The Triffids

Everybody Has To Eat

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Everyone's a liar and most are known to cheat
Arsonists, embezzlers Everyone of them has to eat
Handshake and a how d' y' do Flawless set of teeth
I got stones inside of my shoes and Everyone of them has to eat
I got no creed nor colour I got no birthday treat
No alleigance to either side Everybody has to eat

I have a Devil's Advocate Finest in the business
He just can't be beat He drools and he stutters
and he twitches and he spits and he hisses thru his
broken teeth But my best friend is the liquor
man because he takes his main course neat
Smokin O P's Drinkin I O U's Takin' liberties
in the street
I hope I go by spontaneous combustion
in a scorching blaze of heat
I won't leave no mess at all oh no yeah yeah yeah

I don't believe I've had the pleasure but I
believe I have had my fill I'm gonna take a
walk to the end of this world I'm gonna buy
myself a thrill I'm gonna tie myself to a burning
buys I'm gonna teach myself to sink or
swim Cut off my legs put em in a brown
paper bag See how many ribbons and medals
I win Wel, I got no bone to pick with you
dear You're just not my cup of meat I'm
gonna have to cream my cherry pie
Everybody has to eat

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