Everybody's Opium

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Venice ~ Everybody's Opium

First time it was free and she made the most of me
Over time still a rush but now I'm paying for the crush

Up and down and round and round she goes
Feeding it to everyone she knows

Something happens when she gets in you
You could swear that you're the only one
But you know it's not just you she's addictive to
'Cause she's everybody's opium

Feel the buzz inside as she takes you for a ride
Hip and hot and sweet and sour You're here flavor of the hour

She comes on the strongest when I'm weak
All's forgiven when her beauty speaks


Yeah she tells you everything that you wanna hear
And you know you're not the only one
So you take it when you get it and you just don't care
That she's everybody's opium

When she's low then everybody's low
When she's high then everybody's high


From the album: Pacific Standard Time

Writer/s: Kipp Lennon / Mark Lennon / Michael Lennon