Michael Jackson

Everything for Appearance

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Dig it all in, then dig it all out
Stick that pin, make me shout
Lift it up here and cut me there
Botox me, this is the skin I'll wear
Change me and give me morphine again
Give me life, but I might die in your hands
Look at the heart rate falling down
Will somebody tell me why am I damned

Doctor, you got the power of skin heal
To make someone fall in love with my peel
Would you sell your soul just to be a doll
So, what do you say, miss, do we got a deal

You would do everything for your appearance
Tell me why is it so sacred to you, baby, and
Have you heard of a thing called consequence
You would do everything for your appearance
I wonder how your interior can be so rotten
Only care about your looks, give your brain a chance

Writer/s: James Harris III / Michael Jackson / Terry Lewis

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