Jon B


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Somebody told me that you were here
With your girls but by yourself
So what's holding you back?
When we need to be loosing it, cut up a bit
You know I'm wit all that you're bring girl.

You do it every time, blow my mind
Baby show me why I came out tonight
You do it every time, see you walking on by
Kind of thickin' them thighs got to be my jump off tonight

So girl let's keep this going, 'cause I ain't tired
I'm open wide and ain't shy
I'm just letting you know
We can get it on to six in the morning
You the hottest piece up in this joint
I must release, girl lets cut to the point
Its you that's keeping this going
I can feel your body telling me something
It's obvious to see that your're in need
You shift you hips
I can't resist
It's kind of sick the way that you fuck wit' my mind

Every time I see your face
It really blows my mind
Baby show me why I came out tonight
Gotta be my jump off tonight

Lisa, Keisha, Angela, Renee,
No strings attached girl I just want to play
All y'all look like candy make me you scream oh,oh,oh, when I tickle you fancy
Ain't no shame on a nigga ain't no game. I'm just bugging off your figure
Have a little Armendale girl take a swigga
You don't have to worry about the cost when you pop off with the boss
You thighs keep my eyes extra wide surprise I'm a big boy recognize
A broad is what you are by far your wishing on a star in my car
Body in the back all up to the ceiling
Sexual healing is what I'm feeling
You and me girl we can rule the world
We can jump it off, jump it off



Get nasty, get crazy, get nasty
Just jump it off, jump it off


Writer/s: Anthony Davis / Anthony President