Extinction Event

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Pushing aside all outward emotions, can they overcome?
All the necessities of life are available throughout this compound.

Individuals must relearn responsibility to become productive.
Adequate resources that will last the duration.
Gross misuse will deplete the supplies.
Fragile inner workings, the human psyche in need of repair.
Both inhabitants and the outpost are in disarray.

Integrated policies govern the community.
Meticulous in an attempt to record these events.
Hope is a mainstay, learning from the errors of the past.
Going forth to establish a constructive plan to live.

Prioritize to facilitate
Determine the elements needed to prosper.
Focus on the future, renewable food sources.

Conquer indifference? Faithful to the cause.
Sterilize the living quarters, circulating the stale air.
Functioning as a unit the colony will flourish.

Distrust towards the resident aliens.
Subordinates sensing the animosity.
Uncertainty within the surrogate family.

Vitality of the underworld in doubt
Topside anxieties echo through the halls
Questions linger about this so-called event.
A life change personified by disaster.

Fixated on the negative, tensions escalated.
Inner turmoil raising suspicions

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