Lower Than Atlantis

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How is it that there's only ever 40 pages in this black and white
and read all over that's been around for ages?
I refuse to believe that there's only enough news in the world each day
to fill the space that writers conveniently planned for on every page.

And aint it strange that the BBC can sum it up for us in a TV show that's 30 minutes long,
current events on the day, but never again discussed.
Well I for one am boycotting this mess of puns,
Because the lies, the cheats, deceits upon aren't worth the paper that they're printed on.
So here's to you the Sun, the Mirror, Daily Mail too - fuck you.

Have you got your glasses on?
And applied moisture to your forefinger and thumb?
Hear what the Government have to say, read me the news today.

Why would anybody choose to read the news at breakfast?
Choose to read about the rapists, the terrorists and the child molesters?
Reading on the train or bus, then get into work and discuss their opinions on dumbed down
politics, the politicians and their dirty tricks.

I'm not saying that I know much more than them, but I don't pretend to

Writer/s: Lower Than Atlantis / Michael Duce

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