Face Your Fear

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They say don't give it a try
It's not worth to persue the dream
They say this battle is lost
Are you gonna stick to your beliefs?

I say I'll never comply
This life ain't good enough
I'm gonna fight with all that I got
Do my best, make my own way

They say that the money comes first
It makes you feel like you're the king
Only one thing they forget
No money can't buy your dreams

I say they can't deny
They sink in their own fear
It doesn't matter how hard you try
They say it's not good enough

No matter what they say
No matter what they think - I'll keep

Life will not wait for you

What are you waiting for?
Life won't wait for you
Feeling empty, feeling hollow
Sitting behind the desk
The weight of age, to feel it coming
To live a life of regrets
There is no time for apathy
There is no time to blame

But it's never too late
It's time to make a change
Face your fear and move on
Life won't wait for you

So don't complain
Push away the past
Push away, move on