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"Do you seek enlightenment
Are you to frightened to speak?
Short of experience here where the flesh is so weak
Trust in these hands, let them attend to you
We understand, we all intend for you
To stand amongst friends"

"Are you remembering
Do I revive your neglect, my one?
A price must be paid for your sin
And I'm here to collect
All that you are is all that you'll ever be
Unless on your hands and knees
You put all your faith in me"

Leave me alone, I don't belong here
I'm not your candidate, guaranteed failsafe
I'm on my own

I don't know, I don't know ...

Bible bashing fashion victim
Should have kicked him
When he couldn't get arrested
Uncontested will to carry on is gone
Inside his head, he's dead
He said, "I never was alive
I died with knives an nails and nightingales
This is all the anger I can hold"

Kennedy, remember me, I cannot bury you
Until I stare into the mouth of hell
Time alone will tell me how to
Spend the time alone without you
Listen to the songs about you, run for cover
Gunners unrevealed will aim to please another son

I can't go on, help me make that Golden Dawn
Because for all we know we're done and dusted
Must it end like this, here and now, here and now?

I don't belong here
There's nothing now My eyes won't recognize
I'm all wrong here, let me go, I'm not for changing
I don't belong here
I'm not your victim and I don't believe
I'm not strong here, no religion, nothing more
I'm telling you know, I'm not your candidate
Guaranteed failsafe
I'm caught in a headrush
I'm out of control

Writer/s: IQ / Peter Nicholls