Frozen Mist


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Cloning shadows, withdrawl from our minds
A lotus of harmony of mere distraught within
Erased forclosure gathered in a shard of light
The fall of autumn, a disease of your soft skin.

This blackened rose, a petal of our love
Soft as your precious lips, a snow white dove
Engaged in memory, trapped in complete silence
Your lonely thoughts shattered in my desire
A feeling of shallowness yearning to be pure
Fields of innocence, this path that we endure
These tears will fall, drown into oblivion
Descend from our minds with nothing to believe in.

Fractured more desire...
Hiding traces...into your fire...
Disrupting fears...I feel no love...
Emotional tears...shed darkness from above...

I fade away. I leave no trace.
I disappear. I kiss your face.
I cry for you. I dream the truth.
I smell your fluids. I drown in you.

I rip my skin. I hold you close.
Embrace this moment. Your shining glow.
I fall into you. I surpass the cold.
Desire in my veins. A beauty that I mold.

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