Brenn Hill

Fall Comin On

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I smell it a little bit
In the air tonight
I feel it a little bit on the wind
I turn my collar up
For the evenin' ride
Sad to see the summer's gone again

But tonight it's more than autumn
Chillin' in my blood
And tonight it's more than summer
Goin' down and gettin' gone
For tonight I feel a loneliness
Deeper than the mud
And I feel the fall comin' on

There wasn't anything different
In the way she said goodbye
But it was somethin' missin' in her kiss
Somethin' turned cold
When she looked me in the eye
And I shivered like an aspen in the whisper of the


And I could fight like a warm wind blowin' on the
Driftin' like our summer memories

But a cold rain starts a blizzard that goes blowin'
through the leaves
That keep fallin' like me

So I'll keep my eye
To the western sky
Try to find shelter from the rain
And hope that she believes
That I believe her when she lies
Make my getaway before the pain rushes in


And I feel the fall comin' on
And I feel the fall comin' on

Writer/s: Brenn Hill

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