Fallen Angel

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I Hear Those Voices On the Radio
I Switched It Off Because She Told Me So
She's An Investigator
She's Like An Elevator
Nobody Told Me We'd Be All Alone
You Know
Somewhere My Friend He'd Left Me
In That Red Light Zone
You Know
She Said: I've Seen Your Deepest Secrets, Son
They're Just As Lightning
In the Look of Your Eyes

I Said: I Want You, Baby,
I Said: I Want Some More
I Said: I Never Ever Felt It Like That Moment Before
She's An Assassin,
She's Melting Steel in My Heart
But I Beg For More.
She Said: I Want Your Body,
She Said: I Want Your Soul
She Said: a Fallen Angel Takes It But She'll Never Let Go
She's An Invader --
She's From Another World
But I Beg For More and More

She's Raising Feelings Cutting Like a Knife
She's Pouring Fire Into My Liquid Life
There's no Escaping From Her Mysteries,
She Gives Me Kisses of the Stangest Kind
She Says: I Know You'll Like It,
So Come Over Here
She Says: Just Let That Rhythm Filter
Through Your Body, Dear
And Then She...
She Always Did It and She Always Will
She'll Stay That Hunter
'till the End of Time

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