King Los

Fall For Your Type

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Uh... Los... Uh huh.

Baby girl what's this about?
Invite me in and kick me out...
There's better ways to deal with this
Does it offend you that I'm real as shit?
Ain't another dude this tough, you feel me?
I mean who love you like I love you really?
What's up with this distancing?
I don't feel significant
Hold up wait girl, hold just a min
I need this moment just to vent
Incidents I can't control
Came up out, I had to go
You knew I was coming back
You wanted that, I had to grow
Said you could get past my past
So what we movin backwards for?
Who knew it would take this long?
You never mentioned that before
How could you diss me, this me?
Kiss me, dismiss me, just leave?
Bitch we history
Mystery haunts me how you smile
Don't miss me, want me, need me, call me
Deeply heal me, hear me, touch me, see me, feel me
See she guilty, look away
Crooked love, can't look my way
Took a day to write you this
For night you miss in light of this
Cause I made it despite of this
Let's make a night of this
Fire lit, glass of wine, relax your mind, we passin' time
Ashes from the passions of our past just fly
And it's fine
Damn it's time to accept it, I'll never hear your voice again
It's so hard to say goodbye, but that's what turns boys to men
The choice is here
Life never seemed fair
But it bring light to the things never seen there
So atleast for the time that it took
When you climb and you look
You done made it to the clean air
Breathe in, enjoy it, cause some seek joy just to destroy it
Distorted visions don't play back the way they were recorded
Why can't sometimes life be edited, minus all the bullshit
Get a full grip fast forward through the open road
When life push your buttons you don't seem to have remote control
I hope that your soul is safe
I hope all your goals in place
I hope that it goes away and everything just goes your way
I hope when foes oppose you they get stuck with the frozen face
I hope I can motivate somebody to grow today
I hope that you go harder even though things don't go your way
Hold up wait

Even though you broke my heart
I'm still wishing you the best
I'm just gonna play my part
With someone's willin to invest
This has been my blood
This has been my tears
This is been a pain I felt inside my heart for years
I been workin so hard, I know they gotta feel the bars
This ain't about no girl, this 'bout the deal I lost

Yeah, ayo check this out
I like to dedicate this song to
All my failures in life
Everything that I ever endured that just made me stronger
And made me realize that
It's not the end, it's not where it stops
Anybody could do it... Let's go.

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