Nikki Sudden

Farewell, My Darling

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Farewell, my darling, you don't need to carry your cross
Don't need to fill the box with diamonds, ashes and rust
Before the long line of your life turns into dust
There's never enough time to spare your last blush.

Oh, farewell, my darling, it's been a long, long time
Darkness has crept up on us and covered up the vines
The crucifix of your circumstance has met with it's own deceit
Beside the gate where your delivery boy waits with barefoot feet.

Farewell, my darling, there's no need to argue or to beg
The things you learnt before are too deep laid to ever forget
There's no need to beg for mercy, all the mercy's been given out
By the weary prophets of eternity
Who follow the words that sprinkle from your mouth.

Farewell, my love, too many crimes sink before the dawn
While we watch the poets who circle across your lawn
There's far too few reasons for you to ever learn the truth
There's too many dreams undreamed and too many thoughts are new.

Farewell, my darling, I'm sure I don't need to explain to you
The reason for your dignity or the shadow of the noose
There's unwrapped dreams lying there, they're cast around your stairs
And deep-laid plots of kings and queens lay hidden beneath your hair.

Farewell, my lover, too many regrets are unseen and unwashed
Too many empty evenings are hidden deep and lost
Too many tides have turned back at the edge of the cliff
Too many diaries filled with unreasoning words of
Something that you've missed.

Farewell, my darling, time never waits for you
The reasons for your doom are the truths they gave to you
Time will wash your fears away if only for a while
When you kick your sleep tonight, then you'll be allowed to smile.

Farewell, my darling, there's no reason for tears of regret
I'll always stay forever lost, forever in your debt
I have no need to argue, to borrow or to beg
When I'm sleeping with you, remembering the words you said.

Farewell, my darling, keep your cards with you at all times
Never listen to the rumours and always mistrust the lies
There's no need for false circumstance, it lies beside the tide
And what's written in the book can never, can never be denied.

Oh! No!

Writer/s: Nikki Sudden

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