Age Of Nemesis

Fate's Door

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Rain pelts down all over the city
Tearing down its merciless streets…
A woman desperate for some answers
The empty years and wretched blues…

Passed with some recent news
But the fear of the unknown still stalks her mind

There's a house way down the road - and fate's door
It's a house - not a home - Death awaits - on its own
There's nothing more…
Just a half dead kid and his father's corpse

The boy was tortured here
The evidence all makes that clear
Mommy kneels n'
holds him terribly near

Every question needs a word - for comfort
December's door's ajar - and it's the only path
The rhythm of the past - won't get you very far
December's door's ajar - no light shines in it's path
It's increasingly harsh - and increasingly daft
While the door is still ajar - I'm frightened!!

You saved me
from my worst nightmare
Save me from myself!

Writer/s: Age of Nemesis / Zoltan Fabian