Little Feat

Ferocious Morning

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I Was a Real Live Wire On a Very Loose Wig
Not a Good Combination in the Best of Times
I Had no Real Plans, no Trouble in Mind
Just a Real Fat Wallet My Modus Operandi

Then I Woke Up - Seatin' and Lost
Ya Know I Sear That It's True
The Sun Was Shining in My Eyes
Reflectin' Off a Gold Tooth
I Said Oh Man... It Was a Ferocious Morning

Well I Remember the Money Quintessential Moans
Yesterday's Perfume Tells Me I Ain't Alone
Then I Hear That Fool's Bellow Pounding At the Door
I Had My Heart in My Mouth When My Feet Hit the Floor

Taste of Cotton - and Gasoline
All Down in My Thirty Two
No Time For Stoppin' - I Gotta Beat the Scen
I Think This Window Will Do
I Said Oh Man... What a Ferocious Morning

The Heat Was Oppressive, Ninety Nine in the Shade
I Hit the Bricks Runnin', Hip-hoppin' Away
I Needed Some Magic So I Turned Into a Bar
Was the Misery Minute Down At the Happy Hour

My Head Screamed For a Cough Syrup Cocktail
But I Settled On a Deep Well Gin
Don't Recall It All... I Think It Was Fun
But I Don't Wanna Go There Again
Oh Man... What a Ferocious Morning

Writer/s: Bill Payne / Fred Tackett / Paul Barrére / Shaun Murphy