Fibroid Embolism

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Immense clusters manifest in the muscular wall
Benign in nature, fibroma spread
Size increase strangles the womb from within
Uterine cavity blockage prohibits pregnancy
Menstruation excels, intense bleeding out

Intercourse painful from abrasives
Tumorous attachments ingurgitate foreskin
Growths circulate to hinder copulation
Outward swelling distorts organ
Bulbous member congested with fluid
Internal blisters leak from vaginal hemorrhages

Soft tissue hardens
Causing vulva to bloat
Lining degeneration
Absorbing the sores, fragile life-giving
system murdered

Reproductive muscle froth trickles from tip
Dribbling rotten juice discharge
Hematomas accumulate
Gelafied mass encased in erectile tissue

Urethra obstruction
Blood clotting severes circulation
Genital paralysis, overflowing fibroids
Surgical procedure, total removal

Writer/s: Malignancy

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