Joell Ortiz

Finish What You Start

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I hear y'all talkin'...
It's funny to me! (yeah!)
See? Where I come from...
We act first... (yeah!)
Ask questions later! (c'mon!)

Ha! - if I'm in there, the whole place full uuup; (whattup?)
I'll use your lil' bar to do a pull-uuup. (aaagghh!)
Use your wack-ass tracks as target practice, (blaaaat!)
And tell the baddest broads to arch it backwards! (let's gooo!)
For years, I wore the same starter jacket (what else?)
And beat-up t's with the scars to match it. (daamn!)
Jeans with the holes, sneakers with no sole; (c'mon!)

When genesis dropped my nintendo was so ooold! (ooh!)
Oh, no! Couldn't have that! (naaah!)
I put the pen where the pad at; - voilá, magic! (yaowaa!)
I'll disappear in the booth, reappear messiah,
When I write, call it a night, - vampire. (aaahh!)
Ask around, your boy's hot! - and I, uuuh...
Don't plan to cool off like a campfire.
E'rybody gather round, I'm a tell a story
Of a snot-nosed kid, try and smell the glory!

I - shoot first ask questions laaast
That's how most of these so-called gangstas pass! (yo!)
That's how most of these so-called gangstas pass! (yeah!)
That's how most of these so-called gangstas, gangstas... (c'mon!)

I - shoot first ask questions laaaast...
A poof! - how low, so low, so low, so low...
A poof! (yeah!) - how low, so low, so low, so low...
I - (well, I'm a finish what you start!) [echoes]

This for the block mister, (g'eah!) - the rock pictures; (uh-huh!)
Late night, cranberry and círoc mixers. (yeah!)
Parkin' lot pissers, (uh-huh!) - glock top shifters; (boom!)
Dudes who stay fresh cause they shoplifters. (c'mon!)
That's where I come from. (g'eah!) - so mi no run from,
Bumbaclot pussy drummer boy, rumpa-pum-pum! (whattup?!)
You no tough stuff! (naah!) - you my son's son

You just bluff rough. - mi say: "commme, commme! " (whoo!)
I'll give it to anyone who wants some, (uh-huh!)
Go silly on they achilles until they run's done. (blaaast!)
I keep a hot line, - 9-1-1.
Everyone say "hi" to the hero that won't go unsung. (ortiz!)
A moment of silence while I give pun some
"borrrrricua" (borrrrrrricua!) 'til your tongue's numb! (ooh!)
What's your angle? - hahaaaa, I know mine! (what?!)
If it's cheese, "swizz" style. - "showtime"! [echoes]

I ain't a troublemaker but my flow cocky, (yeah!)
So all the pretty mamis yellin': "go papi! " (oooh!)
Man, that's so neat, - and y'all so sloppy; (boom!)
When you think I'm done shittin', I do mo' cocky! (whooo!)
Just love to flex my rap muscle, (uh-huh!)
What muzzle? - dog, you just a jack russell (g'eah!)
Your bite weak and your bark a lil' pitch, (grr, woof!)
Relax! You no match for a hard-nosed pit'. (grr, woof!)
I can't find a track that my bars won't rip

You guys are sick warrin with the gaza strip
When I back out this pen', all you guys'll strip, (psss!)
Like you in chippendales tryin to wind for tips;
Hehe! (hehe!) - no need to see
slow down and let the leader lead!
Dj's, - bring this back! - I'm what the needle need! (yaowa!)
And I don't mean to get all mushy like my last bitch, (blaaaap!)
But - but damn, I love this rap shit!

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