Shock Therapy

Flexible Morality

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Im trying to tell you a nasty story
Of all of the wrong ive done
But what could be wrong in the eyes of my soul?
How could i be so blind?

My only sin in the judging world
Is being myself doing what i want
Because i can do it with the greatest confidence
And to someone elses loss

Dont bother give to me an inch
Ill take it myself ill snatch it from your hand
And make myself mile with a smile
From all ive learned i need no morality

If i do not have any morals
Im flexible
I can bend any way that i choosen
Any way as long as i dont lose

And i wont care if youre made to suffer
And i wont care about anything
This is my world and i am the king
Its all mine its all mine
Mine mine mine mine mine

Ill make myself round if your hole is a circle
Ill make myself a box if your hole is a square
Ill make myself a butt-plug if you are an asshole
Ill laugh all the way to self-fulfillment
And smile all the way through flexible morality
Ill smile all the way, youll see

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