Manic Movement


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Vice… I have seen
Through these eyes moonshine-real
Carved with faces of regret
As I could never lay to bed,
This stubborn selfishness deciding my soul
Though you smother it someway
As I never could refuse…
The delicacy with which you bruise

So lean on me
Nail me to the floor
In this most uncomfortable position, which I completely adore

Ascend my spine
To get things out of your closet and mine
Climb the stake high and steep
And reach into shelves forgotten, dark and deep
Prick that princess-finger on what our demons need
Piercing heartgames droplets bleed

Read in this blood,
of me getting lost in the childriddle labyrinth of your soul
And how I got my heart set on the damp-cloth nuisance
of your intermingeling my life

Though in the wintercaverns of my displeasure
the beast sometimes grows so strong denying us to be..
Rupturing our destinies as they never were one
Taking advantage of your weakness is what my demons need
Piercing heartgames droplets bleed

But I'm here to bear your burden
I'm here to help you bleed
To do everything in my power to provide
the soft care your flogged soul needs…

And this friction is my energy
My strenght to carry on
Our bright burning loveswamp
My haven and my sun

And on the last day all the sinners were laid
Before the eyes of the princess, their misconduct displayed
Hate burning in their eyes for her kindness ruling upon their sin
Their muscles itching to show her the manhood they held within
To desecrate her beauty and make her pay
For they felt strongly intimidated by her silent femininity
And short-lived satisfaction suits their manhood fine
They sign up for it anyway, time after time
And though such manhood had touched and broken her before,
The princess knelt beside them and kissed them one after the other
And sneering grins gave in to pouting mouths
For the princess kiss had regressed them into little boys

Never shall we part my love, brandbonded by our mutual suffering

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