Slick Shoes

Fool Me No More

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What makes you think youæ?®e fooling me?
Do you think I was born yesterday?
When I look at you all that I can see is what you try to be.
Why canæ?° you just stop acting like you care?
Æ??ause you donæ?° know what youæ?®e saying.
Nothing keeps you up at night.
Æ??ause you donæ?° know what youæ?®e saying,
But you think itæ?¯ right.
You try to pretend that youæ?®e still my friend,
But I know youæ?®e not.
All those times you said you would be there.
Just go lie to someone else now.
I can see right through your shallow lies.
You canæ?° fool me no more.

Writer/s: Slick Shoes