Slick Shoes

For Better, for Worse

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Sitting alone, in the rain,
One day you came and sat by me.
When I looked up,
You just smiled and said hello and I saw your pretty face.
I never knew what it would be.
I never knew youæ?? care for me.
When I think of how itæ?¯ changed,
For better or worse,
Weæ?£l have to see.
All those times you looked at me that way.
And I know everything will be o.k.
Thinking of your smile, it hurts to see you cry.
Al those times that you were sad,
You never told me why.
I know that we are still growing,
Not knowing whatæ?¯ to come.
But only god knows what he has in store for us.

Writer/s: Slick Shoes