The Church

Fly Home

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Listen...collect your thoughts, don't hide
If you...can face yourself, collide
Blue sheet of sky dazzles your eyes
And leaves you...slumped against the night
They captured you and chopped off your hand
Left for dead
Buried your body in soft, soft sand
Fly home
Listen...patience will repay
All the empty arms to take you in
Pale luminescent glow
Surrounds you...till you can't see it's there
I'm callin' fire from low within
Tall and dead
You can't give up cause you're so far in
Fly home
Ancient...veiled image cast
Reminds you...the future's like the past
Time split into a close field
Haunted you...usin' up your fear
Somethin' hateful in your head
Kick it out
You stole it hard but your wings are dead
Fly home

Writer/s: Não Se