Vertical Horizon

Footprints in the Snow

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Seems like only yesterday
But it started long ago
Trials tribulations
And notes in the autumn nights

We didn't know way back then
What brothers we really were
Letting the time pass quickly
And watching it go

But we stood together
And we made each other strong
We tried to comfort ourselves when the nights were long
And we held back the tears
When they needed to flow
But where we once stood lie only footprints in the snow

Even when it was hard
To find a smiling face
And when others would leave us
Without a trace

We never thought about tomorrow
Or what she might bring
We never stopped to realize
That we might not always sing

Seems like only testerday
God where'd the time go
Where we once laughed lie only tears in the snow

Writer/s: Matthew Scannell

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